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  Elekromotoren von Vogel & Plötscher.
  Wir freuen uns Ihnen unsere elektrischen Antriebe vorstellen zu können. Sie finden hier alle wesentlichen Informationen zu dieser innovativen Produktsparte.

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Vogel & Plötscher is a medium-sized and owner-run company in southern Germany.

The manufacture and sale, among other things, of pancake motors and wheel hub motors are part of the company’s core area of expertise. High production depth, independent electronic development and software programming furthermore ensure a high level of flexibility and also enable the implementation of customised (special) solutions.

On the following pages, we will present our pancake motors in detail. Our drive solutions impress by perfection in every component.

Servo disc motors (pancake motors; permanent magnet synchronous motors in axial flux design) are ideal for use in a multitude of applications.